V8SC: V8 Supercars Opens Re-Homologation for 2015 Season

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SYDNEY — official release — V8SC photo — V8 Supercars announced today all homologation teams have the opportunity to submit for a re-homologation of their aerodynamic configuration for 2015.

A recent aerodynamic test at Oakey ratified the existing homologation process but also led to advances that will be applied in future aerodynamic testing. The incorporation of those advances has prompted the opportunity for homologation teams to submit for variations to their design, should they choose.

Similarly, V8 Supercars gave the opportunity to Erebus Motorsport and Nissan Motorsport to re-homologate towards the end of last year by inviting them to take part in the aerodynamic testing process of the Volvo S60.

“After consultation with the Commission appointed Aerodynamic Committee, the VCAT (V8 Supercars Aerodynamic Testing) is now conducted with additional equipment to strengthen the process,” V8 Supercars Director of Sport Damien White said. “After re-testing, and validating what we applied as aero parity this year, we considered it appropriate to allow the homologation teams the chance to understand what additional information is used now in that process.”

“At the end of the day they will have to remain within the same parity window, however sometimes manufacturers have different agendas in terms of how their race variant looks, and this is an opportunity to accommodate that through the homologation teams.”

Homologation teams must provide advice if they will be proceeding with a submission by October 3rd.

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